i just got a mks pedal pad and i am wanting to get this layed out the best way possable the first time so i dont have to re do it over.. can some one who really knows their stuff tell me the correct order for the best and cleanest sound in what order i would put my pedals .. i am using a tuner , morley volume, Mxr eq 10 band, cry baby, evh flange, mxr phase 90, compression sustainer, chorus , tube screamer, digital delay, noise supressor i am running it into a messa boggie with a built in efx loop... this stuff baffel's me ..
I'd put them something like this:
Tuner -> Cry Baby -> Compression sustainer -> tube screamer -> Amp
The put the rest in the effects loop:
Effects loop send -> Flange -> phase 90 -> chorus -> delay -> eq -> Effect loop return

Which noise supressor do you have? If it has only one input and output (like an ISP decimator) , I'd put that in the effects loop too - if it has 2 inputs and outputs (like the Boss NS2), you can put it in front of the amp and in the loop using the 2 cable method.

The volume pedal can go in front of the amp or in the loop depending what you want to use it for.
its the boss ns2..so i should put the ns2 in with the gear in to the front of the amp then run out of the ns2 in to the flange>phase 90>chorus>delay>eq>efx return . Is there a reason you put the eq in the loop and not in to the amp gear? and i take it the volume should go in to the amp line?
Quote by topher wren
Is there a reason you put the eq in the loop and not in to the amp gear?

One reason is you can use it to increase your amp's volume (ie for solos). I think in the loop it has a bit more of a pronounced effect too.
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With the NS2 you can use it both in front of the amp and in the loop. There's a good thread here that should help you connect it up:

As for the EQ (and any of the other pedals for that matter) there's no set rule for where to put it in the chain so you might want to use the general rules as a starting point then experiment a bit to find what you like best.

As a general case, the tuner usually goes first so it gets as clean a signal as possible, then filters (wah, compressor etc) then dirt (overdrive/distortion/fuzz)- again you might want to swap these about. Modulation (chorus, flange, phase) and time based effects (delay) usually go in the loop. These can be in any order really but I'd put the delay near the end so you delay the effected signal. The noise suppressor should be the last thing so it cleans up any noise that the pedals and cables add in to the sound.
ok thanks so much WeZ and Maiden for the info , i hadent played in 12 years , now i wanting to start again , when i played out in bands i really just used a tuner a wah and a chorus pedal i used the amp reverb and the amp distortion , but have been buying some pedals here and there in the last year as i have been writing again and hopefuly start recording them down this summer so trying to get things hooked up with the cleanest i can and user friendly