hello there ,, im gona upgrade my acoustic guitar (( yamaha F310 )) next month and i wana another yamaha cuz its the most common guitar in my country ((Egypt)) and its the biggest store here too i can pick any model with no problem
So my budget is up to 1000 dollars

i found Yamaha Ljx6ca and Yamaha A3m
i always play strumming part but im changing to finger picking style those days but i still into strumming too
what do you think is the better one for me ,, and do u have any other suggestion (( i can find some cort and takamine guitars too)) !?
if u can recommend an amp too about 200 to 300 dollars that wud be a great help

sry for my english
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Both are really decent guitars But, if you're going to be finger picking the wider nut of the LJX6 would probably suit you better.

Have fun looking.
definitely go with the wider nut. i didn't, even though i finger pick most of the time, and ended up selling my guitars and buying guitars with wider nuts and string spacing.
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