I got myself my hands on a BC Rich Platinum Pro Beast, which came with some alright sounding BC Rich made humbuckers. I kind of don't know if they are regular or F spacing, I want to guess the bridge humbucker would be F spacing as it's next to a floyde rose. (not the speedloader).

Question is...which one? lol I want more to harmonics and attacks so I have been looking at high output pickups. Dimarzio is a top look and then I look at Seymore Duncans, passive pickups.

I don't know a terrible amount, I have used standard pickups on almost all my guitars. Sept a single pickup warlock I have with a Dimarzio D-Sonic.

Right now what I am looking at is the Dimarzio Tone Zone Humbucker, maybe this is the pickup?
Yeah...idk how to really test em out, hell even guitar center has been kinda low in help with pickups...i chose that D-sonic very randomly. I mean stuff like the evolution, invaders, n very high price ones will be on expensive guitars to test