Okay, so here's the story....

I am currently in the process of refinishing my PRS Tremonti SE. The plan is to sand the back and neck back to bare wood and stain and finish leaving the top as gloss black. All went to plan apart from an issue with the headstock binding. I went a bit too far without realising on some of the horns and the binding has rubbed all the way through.

This wouldn't be a problem, I would have just removed all of the binding (as it is on higher end PRS models), but this only problem is that is joins in to the neck past the nut.

So what is your advice guys? Sand it away? Try and replace those sections of binding? Replace all of the binding?

Below are pics so you can get a better idea.


You deformed the actual wood areas a bit, I'd just paint the whole thing and remember next time to sand it by hand even though it takes a long time
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Did you also sand the nut?

IMHO, the headstock would have looked better with a black face to match the guitar. If you choose to respray the entire headstock black (including the binding, sides and rear), do a stinger design that covers the binding and doesn't look out-of-place.