I don't really know any songs on guitar, I usually learn a part of a song then get tired of it and move on. The problem is I'm not motivated to learn songs that are easy and the songs I am motivated to learn are too hard. I want to work on harder songs but I don't want there to be any gaps in my playing.... Is that even a valid statement or does learning harder songs give you some technically ability to go back and easily play through the "easier" ones? And how do you tell if a song is too hard for you to be learning? Thanks in advance...
If I were you I would find songs that are you above your skills. By that I mean that picking pattern is just too tricky or too much left hand legato stuff going on. And then just practice.

Learning guitar is all about motivation. If you can't play a riff after 6 times and give up you'll come nowhere. And there is no easy way out. Just practice man...
when a song is too hard for me...Im struggling. There's different technique being used
that Im not applying.

Im left handed but play right handed. I can admit my right hand is weak.
I get by with whatever picking, plucking or strumming patterns.
I do know when I actaully do those lessons even if Im bored to death with them,
my playing improve.

I used to do those simple slides, hammers, bends, vibrato execises.
Yes, they're basic stuff. They're easy so I over looked them.
Right of the bat my GF notice I sounded better...becuase she had to listen
to me play my crap all the time.
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Pick some music you really enjoy that isn't too advanced and just spend a couple weeks working it out. It doesn't have to be inherently difficult; music is as advanced as you want to make it. What matters is that it's something you want to the effort into perfecting. Really dig in and figure out the details.

Don't settle for just knowing the music, make it sound it sound like something you want to play.
TS it sounds like you can't finish "easy" songs so they'd be too hard for you.

Learning to play a full song is a skill in itself. You have to develop this from the start. Stop all your "its too boring" stuff and just commit. Those artists you listen to have played those soungs thousands of times and they're not bored.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.