Again, be as harsh as you can

I tried a damn lot of classical guitars and the one I found right for me was a Yamaha NCX1200.
But that's expensive so I'd like to lay lower.

I tried the NCX700 and was unsettled by the neck feel.
It felt like plastic, but may it be because the guitar was the "all-black" model?
I haven't had the chance of trying an NCX900, of which neck's the same material as the NCX700, but according to yamaha's website is basically the same as the NCX1200 apart from that.

So, do you guys know if the plastic feel I got from the black NCX700 was because of the wood or because of some kinda finish?
Or was I drunk in that particular model?
Or, a less technical question, does the NCX900's neck feel like the NCX700's?
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I would think it was probably the finish - hunt down a NCX700 in natural and try it out.