Hello! Long time no see UG!

Okay, here it is, Im studying Digital Sound Production on a University and we have for some time now only focused in audiovisual post-production (music and sound for film) so I have decided to take som initiative and see if anyone here need to get theire songs mixed. So basically, you get a song mixed and i get some more experience in mixing/mastring music.

If you are interested and wonder what DAW i use, I use Pro Tools 11, I mainly use Waves pluggins (I got the Waves Sound Design Suit bundle). If you have recorded it in some other program, dont worry, i will explain to you how to get it to a useable format.

Lastly, Im not a miracle worker, as the saying go ''Shit in shit out!'' If you want me to take a look/mix your song i would prefer if the drums were real, no midi drums (such as ezdrummer, superiordrummer, SSDrumms)!
Also, remember that i do this in my free time and have ALOT of school work so a song can take longer time then it should.

Thanks for reading and hopefully helping me with a songs!