So I recently picked up an Iceman for cheap because the previous owner decided to bedazzle the shit out of it with some kind of orange sparkly paint and a paint brush I decided to make repainting it a personal project of mine. So I am almost done tearing it down but when I get to the output jack, it seems a little tricky to remove. Based on what I see, it looks like just a regular wrench won't get the job done. Anyone with have any suggestions on how to get that sucker out?
If it's one of those output jacks that has a very thin nut, then the best way I have found to remove them is with a pair of needle-nose pliers.

You're right in that a regular adjustable wrench or box wrench won't fit best. It's annoying, I know.
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One of these bad boys?

That's the exact bad boy indeed.
So I got the bastard off with the use of some needle-nose pliers so the sparkly hunk of wood is sitting in my basement right now waiting for me to sand it down this weekend.