Hi, sorta new here.

I got my first guitar when I was 13 and I couldn't set it down. I'm 20. I at least pick up my guitar once every 3 days, if not, every day for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

I can play little licks and riffs, a couple solos and whatnot but I realized I've been messing with the guitar for 7 years and still am absolutely terrible. Now, all those years when I was playing, I wasn't really practicing, or I was practicing wrong I believe.

I can get into key and sorta jam for a few minutes, but it just goes straight out the window pretty quickly. I find myself just running up and down scales. I can feel something musical come up for just a minute or two and its gone, I turn back into nothin. I only play as a hobby at home, no gigs or anything, I know I'm bad lol other people don't need to hear it to tell me. But I hope to be good, even if it takes 50 years.

Anyways, to make it short. I would greatly appreciate some suggestions as to how to get out of this 'rut' I seem to be in with just running up and down scales and not being able to link phrases or licks together properly, I feel as if since I've been practicing in probably a very bad way for so long a lot of it has become habit and I want to get out of it before it seriously hinders my playing.

Stop playing and start thinking. This is happening purely because you're not thinking about what you're doing.

You're letting your fingers do the playing rather than your brain; think about the sounds you want to make and figure out how to make those on guitar.

Also spend more time listening. To both yourself and what's going on around you. You can't come up with decent ideas if you're not aware of what's going on.
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Well a great thing to do is learn songs, knowing other peoples stuff can really help with phrasing and making music and gives you some licks to use, go on youtube and just jam to some backing tracks, that's what i did and eventually i stopped just running scales
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