You are so blind to everything but yourself, it pains me to see how you cannot realize the ache you ripple.
The very thing you are experiencing with false love, is the same thing you were doing to me.
Complaining that you do not deserve what he is doing to you, but in reality you are the one who is wrong.
Showing me the same affection that he showed you, and denying that affection the same way.
I agree it is not fair, although I got away from the cause of my ache.
I don't blame you, I simply cannot have anyone like you in my life.
You should watch what you do, so you don't end up hurting someone worse than the way you are hurt.
Please end up happy, because you don't deserve anything less.
Don't let him hurt you, even though the damage has already been done.
I hope we meet again, when you are with him or your not in love.
I wont think of you anymore, it will make everything so much easier.