Hey guys, i used to own a POD HD500 that was just used for effects. I never used the 4 cable method, i just put it in front of my amp (peavey 6505+) so i could use delays, reverbs and the occasional phaser etc. The thing i liked about the HD500 is you can disable the amp simulator, so that although my pedal was in front of the amp, i didnt have to use the modelled amps.

So my question is can i do this with a boss gt100 or gt10? i have zero interest in the amp simulation i just want to put the pedal infront of my amp with the amp simulation turned off.

And also, with the GT100, can you have each patch set out like a pedal board like you can with the line 6? so if i have a particular patch for one of our songs in the set, when i select that patch can the effects be turned off and then i just activate them as and when i need them using the footswitch?

I'd say a POD HD to a Boss MFX is a downgrade, but you said you just want to use the effects. Their effects are pretty decent.

Why do you want to go to a GT100?
ill be honest, i sold our other guitar player the HD500 a few months back as i didnt use it that much and i wanted a line 6 wireless system. But weve just recorded an EP and have used a few effects post production so i just want a multi fx so i can do this live. Ive also just been looking at a boss me-80, that may be more what i am after? I would get an HD500 again if the boss stuff isnt up to much, i just cant afford the £420 that a HD500 costs now.