Okay I'm seriously starting to get mad now. I've tried everything to fix the noise. The noise only goes away whenever I touch anything metal in my signal path (Guitar parts, Metal parts of cables, some pedal foot switches, even the power switch on my amp!). I tried to add a Neutrik solder-less jack to my pedalboard, but when I use it the noise is much much louder, unless I touch the out side metal part of the jack. Please help me the noise is getting out of hand.

Here's what I've tried so far:
- Different cables
- Different Guitars (3)
- Straight to the amp (with and without the jack between two cables)
- Not having power cables near the guitar cables
- Voodoo Labs power supply
- Different outlets
- Less Gain

- Thanks, Zac
Sounds like a grounding issue.
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Quote by Fisheth24
Sounds like a grounding issue.

It is defiantly that. Try maybe having a look into your guitar, if the ground in the circuit of the guitar is properly soldered.

If I recall correctly, it usually is soldered to the bridge (in case of a stratocaster) or the claw.

So have a look in your guitar, and depending on the mark, where it is and should be.

Hope this helps : )
I've looked in one of my guitars myself but haven't found anything wrong. It is actually in the shop now to replace a tone pot (I know, I know, I should learn to do it myself but it's my first guitar and i really don't want to mess it up). Could there be anywhere else where a grounding issue could happen? I've tried three different guitars with the same results. I've heard it could be my home's grounding possibly?
I'm using the overdrive channel. but the noise is extremly loud when I try to use the neutrik jack also
Maybe there is a problem with ground in the house.

If you have the amp running without the guitar plugged in, does still do that?

Because, if you tried 3 guitars and its the same result, then its something else, i would think.

Also, do you have a combo amp, is the amp separated from the speaker, since if it is, it might be that they are plugged correctly. Speaker have resistance (usually 4 and 8 Ohms) and if you plug them incorrectly it might cause that, key word is might here.
Try turning down the volume from your guitar to zero. Do you still hear the buzz? If it's gone it's definitely the guitar that's causing the buzzing for you, and it's most likely a grounding issue.

Edit: I looked over the part where you said your other guitars have the same problem, might not be an issue with the guitar then. Have you tried using different power sources? Try plugging it in at a friends house.
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Buy an Receptacle/outlet tester and test your wall outlets ground. They are relatively cheap to buy and will tell you if there is anything wrong with the wiring of the outlet you test. They sell them at stores like Home Depot, Lowe's and Ace Hardware. This is one of those things I think every guitarest should own, along with a multimeter. This way you can test the grounds/wiring and the voltage of any outlet you plug your gear into. And the multimeter is great for loads of other things to.

Pic for reference.
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Well my amp is a Head/Cab and I believe its wire correctly (16ohm cab). My dad said he'd take me to his work where I can try my amp/pedalboard there. I'll also try the outlet tester (I'm sure theres one laying around somewhere) Thanks everyone for the advice I'll get back to this after I test it somewhere else.
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Try turning down the volume from your guitar to zero. Do you still hear the buzz? If it's gone it's definitely the guitar that's causing the buzzing for you, and it's most likely a grounding issue.

Okay I just tried this on two of my guitars (a les Paul and a Flying V). I turned the volume off on both of them and bam! No noise. So is it a guitar problem then? Maybe I'm just unfortunate enough to have two bad guitars??