Hey guys!
I've been playing for around 3 and a half years or so to relieve stress, and now have a little bit of free time to learn some music theory and possibly some jazz. I play on a Hagstrom Viking Deluxe (not an optimal jazz box, but it has a decent bridge pickup with enough note definition) through and old pignose G40v tube amp. Lately, my strings (Darco electrics forgot the gauge) are starting to play a little harder and bite more. I think it's time to change strings and want to use this guitar as a full time jazz guitar until the end of this huge ass book, so I'm looking for strings that have a good balance of tone and playable life. Price is pretty much not an issue.
Elixirs are the longest lasting that I've found. Flatwound strings are fairly common in jazz, but it's up to you whether you go flat or round wound.
Thanks d00d im investing in a couple pairs of custom lights for my electrics. That gauge got the highest praise from the interwebs...
try some flatwounds for jazz if you are up for it
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if you don't want to go full on flatwound you can go semi-flatwound. there are are half wound strings too if you are interested.


from what i understand flatwound style strings tend to last a bit longer cuz your finger gunk doesn't get stuck in between the windings as much.
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