As many beginner singers, i hate my own voice. Some people have said I have a nice talking voice, and have told me to start singing. The thing is, i began a little too late (been singing for 3 months now, and I'm 20)

What do you people think? My biggest "idol" (haha ) is Julian Casablancas, i don't really have the same voice, nor do i try to impersonate him. But i did make a "cover" of 11th dimension by him.

Would really appreciate any feedback. Anything would be great, or just a comment on it, since i think my voice sounds like no one else (in a bad way really, i dont think its made for singing) but ya...

Heres the link; http://vocaroo.com/i/s0jvplCkeXXn

Thanks in advance
People care too much about the tone of their voice when starting to sing.
Unless you have some vocal-defect, which you clearly do not, then your tone will be fine for singing. What is really determining is your technique and pitch.
Your voice is fairly standard, nothing out of the ordinary, but you're lacking technique.
If this is your starting point though, then you will be completely fine