Hi folks!

I have been offered an engl screamer 50 head, the old one (not the black panel one) for my mim fender 68 reverse strat.
The head goes with a pedal channel selector for this amp...

Well i dont know what to do... Is this amp any good for hendrix, cream, led zepellin? I hate metal and it seems that 90% videos, info or pics are related to metal... JEEZ even the amp itself its pure metal (kinda ugly too, i always wanted a marshall plexi)

What do you think? Should i trade it? It will give me that hendrix tone? Its too loud for a house?
Thank you !

The amp is worth more than your guitar so you can always sell the amp for a profit
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Personally it wouldnt to hendrix as well as a marshall. But as rob said, Trade and sell it so you can come back to us with a budget/specs for an amp and we can advise you
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Okay! Thanks for your help!

Have you ever had this amp? How it takes a fuzz face?

Can it do soft rock?
That ENGL is a highly gain beast but worth probably double the guitar.
Trade. Sell. And buy a decent Marshall.

You can probably get a decent soft rock tone out of it but it's not what it was designed for.
Fuzz face will probably work well but not as well as a fender, box or old Marshall.
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Definitely take the trade. Probably won't do Hendrix well at all, but it's worth significantly more, so you can just trade it for something that DOES do Hendrix well
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