first ever post so be gentle
I bought an old beaten up second hand eko 12 string acoustic years ago as my first guitar (probably not the best idea I know) after watching Noel Gallagher perform an acoustic set whilst with Oasis.
Anyway I've stagnated big time over the years and not really got any better as I find it extremely difficult to learn how to pick strings with the my ancient guitar.
I'm looking to buy a new acoustic 6 string so I can hopefully learn to finger pick as well as strum my old favorites. I'm looking around the 200 quid mark and after researching a bit, a few that have took my eye are the epiphone hummingbird, the lag t66dc and the crafter d6.
Any advice on these or other acoustics around the same mark is most welcome.. many thanks in advance..paul
Hello & Welcome

I would go for the Crafter. I think their guitars are just about the best value-for-money instruments on the market. The D6 is a great guitar - very good sound and playability - and benefits from a solid top.

HST - LAG guitars are pretty good too. The T66DC has a cutaway (although it is not an electro-acoustic) which makes playing high up the fretboard easier - but that advantage may be unnecessary if you don't. Also the T66 is an all-laminate.
Speaking as the proud owner of a Lag, I highly recommend them. For the most part they are pretty well respected as a great value for money guitar.

I've personally never heard of Crafter so I won't judge it. I just wanted to give my input regarding the Lag as I've owned one for years and have played many more. I've known quite a few other guitarists to recommend them as well.

I think the best option for you is to go into the store and play them. Have the employee go over each guitar with you and play all 3 multiple times. Find the one which feels right to you. Ultimately once you narrow down specifications and price range it all comes down to how it feels to you. It's never wise to buy a guitar based on online reviews having never played it; every single guitar brand produces the occasional lemon.

Anyway, best of luck getting out of your rut and welcome to UG.