Hello everyone, I recently had the feeling that my distortions aren't quite cut for the job and I was recommended getting a fuzz. I really like the QotSA tone, along with other stoner rock bands. I currently have an Epi LP Custom plugged into a Boss DS-2 and a USA made DOD Death Metal along with Small Clone chorus and a Joyo Digital Delay. Bottom line, it would be nice if the pedal was affordable, had a fat thick tone and preferably no octave ones.

Thank you
Can't go wrong with an electro-harmonix big muff pi or a proco rat.
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for hard stuff?

my go to suggestion is a blakemore effects dues ex machina. one beast of a fuzz with a lot of flexibility and good tone.

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Black arts toneworks pharaoh will help you get that stoner sound IMO.

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I had the same problem when I used to have BOSS DS-2. So i went to a guitar store and looked for everything that fits. I Finally chose Electro Harmonix Graphic Fuzz!

with EHX Graphic Fuzz u can adjust EQ setting and got different kind of distortion u like. I have been satisfied with its sound, especially using fender stratocaster or telecaster JA90. =) maybe you should try one.
There is quite a difference between fuzz, distorion and overdrive. These terms are often mixed up. I suggest going to a store like Guitar Center or somewhere that has a nice selection of pedals that you can try. You may find that "fuzz" is not what you are really looking for. I have a big selection of overdrive pedals for overdrive and distotion but my only real "fuzz" is an old Maestro pedal from the 60's and I hate that old sound. I like early 80's Ibanez pedals like TS-9 or TS-10 but they can be pricey these days and these are really overdrive pedals. While these are great pedals Ibanez also made a few in the 90's that you can pick up fairly cheap on Ebay like the Ibanez TS-7. It sounds very good and can be had for about $30.00 on a good day. It's one of those pedals I think will be coming up in collectability very soon. Fuzz is a very different animal. As for price you may want to try the Behringer "Super Fuzz" or "Ultra Fuzz". These sell for about $25.00 each. Personally I generally like Behringer products and even though the cases on these pedals are plastic they are very thick and durable if put on a pedal board or treated with a small amount of care. Behringer simply clones other manufacturers pedals so if you want a Boss, Ibanez, DOD or other pedal and want to pay a third of the originals value you can generally find an equivolent Behringer clone that sounds just as good for less than $30.00 new. Go to YouTube and check out people doing reviews of any pedals you are considering. Most likely someone has done one and you can hear what it sounds like.
What era qotsa? A lot of their stuff sounds like a fuzz face or superfuzz variant. What wattage tube amp do you have? In my experience you have to have quite a bit of headroom to really make big muff type pedals really shine, but fuzz faces love being pushed into low wattage overdriven amps. So that's what I recommend. Particularly the new mini fuzz faces, I got a germanium one and it's kick ass.
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If you got the money, musket like 667 suggested. If you need something cheaper, muff w/ tone wicker or Big muff pi.
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Trex tonebug fuzz, I have tried many fuzz pedals and I feel in love with this one straight away
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seymour duncan tweak fuzz is a good lower priced option.

No. If you really want a fuzz on the cheap go with the bi-yang muff clone. But if your strapped for cash Big muffs go for like 50 bucks used.
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Thanks for all the replies, btw, I like old the QotSA era (from QotSA to Lullabies) and my amp is a 100W Fender Frontman 212R, not the ideal thing for distortion, but oh well..
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seymour duncan tweak fuzz is a good lower priced option.
I picked up a Tweak Fuzz on sale and could never warm up to the sound. It sounds thin to my ears.
Mojo Hand FX Colossus Fuzz, one beast of a fuzz that can do it all. Does heavy distortion to creamy fuzz to ground-shaking-window-rattling-madness
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That Mojo Hand FX Colossus really sounds great but it's too rich for my blood, besides, in my country it ain't easy to get such particular brands..
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seymour duncan tweak fuzz is a good lower priced option.

That’s just a Fuzz Face clone with a voicing switch. Terrible for metal.

OP, just get a Big Muff. If you want the bassy tone of the boutique pedals just get the Bass Muff, it’s a Sovtek Muff variant and so are the bassy boutique fuzzes. Right now you can probably score a used Big Muff Pi cheap because people are replacing them with the new nano version.