I've always wanted a 'project guitar' - something I can work on and customize, but not build from scratch. I thought I'd start out with something cheap, so I picked up a second hand Ibanez Gio yesterday for £20.

I want to replace the neck (it's twisted and this cannot be rectified) and I was wondering about my options for this, seeing as necks are not listed on the Ibanez parts page for sale. I would want something that fits the guitar (obviously) but perhaps not just a replacement: (forgive me if this seems stupid, but I've never customized or ordered parts before) an ebony fingerboard, with decent fretwork, something along the lines of an RGIX20FEQM? Or maybe even that neck if it would fit. If I wanted this kind of neck, would I need to get it custom made? Roughly how much would it cost?

Also, I'd want to replace the machine heads as they're quite loose, what kind should I buy?

At the end of the day, it was only £20, so it goes to shit I'm not overly bothered, but I still want to try and make something out of it
ebay is a great place for second hand necks, there is also a couple companies that will custom make new ones to an extent. Just double check your scale length and measure the crap out of the neck pocket.

You're obviously not in America, so I can't really suggest any online parts stores since i don't know whether they ship to you.
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I checked out a couple of the custom neck shops, they''re really expensive, considering I'm buying for a cheap guitar ($250-300) at least for an ebony 24 fret neck :/

I would settle for a replacement, so it looks like I'm off to Ebay
Always make sure the body and neck are good when you want to hotrod a cheap guitar, or you will spend more than buying a decent guitar that is playable.

Ebay is your best bet. Make sure it has the same # of frets or intonation will be a bitch or not possible at all

Iron Gear pickups are good and cheap also
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