I'm looking for a vocalist or vocalists for an online release I'm working on.

I can sing myself, but I'm more of a soft rocker singer.

I'm kinda doing some heavier music, need vocals with a grungy voice into it.

I'm 24, and I want to be able to release a good freaking release before I graduate and start working as an engineer where I would probably no longer have the time for it.

It's gonna be very simple music, but production oriented. So I'm playing simple catchy riffs with huge emphasis on production and sound quality. No 13/8, 5/3 odd time signatures, no djent riffs, no nothing. Some old school P.O.D like riffs ( Knowing I used to be a heavy progressive metal fan )

Drums, bass, guitar vocals. Nothing more.

If interested, pm me.
The symphonizer
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