Hey guys. I've been a lead vocalist/bassist/guitarist at my church's youth group for about 6 months now and I wanted to improve my voice. Maybe I should've uploaded a type of song we do at church, but I do like to sing pop music since I'm a teenager and.. yeah. If you guys want, I can upload a clip of me singing to a type of song I would sing on a Sunday.
Right now I feel like it's really weak and very breathy. And I especially don't like how it sounds when I go high. I just wanted to see where I could start to begin eliminating these problems that i find in my voice.

you don't take your passagio early enough and don't have a solid tonal foundation (you're really pitchy). In addition to this, you're lacking forward resonance, tend to sit on notes, and lack breath support. That said, you have a good voice, you just have no idea what you're doing yet. If you're interested I can give you a free lesson over skype sometime if you PM me your skype address
Yeah. I haven't really been taught to sing at all so that might be a contributing factor..
I'll take you up on your offer though, soon... hopefully. I'm a little busy at the moment (for a teen.. I know :rolleyes but I will get back to you!