I see a lot of posts by people who got guitars or accessories at really, really good prices. I never see those prices. I find deals on other things, but not on guitars and gear.

I know this sounds dumb, but how do some of you manage to find such good deals?
IMO ebay sucks.
I check for deals on craigslist every day, gotten some awesome things fro cheapppp.
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Haggle on UG Classifieds, that's how I got a great deal on one of my strats.
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I got my $750 Schecter from Guitar Center for $450 through a $200 off sale and a $100 coupon (it was also a <basically new> floor model since new ones didn't exist in the country but the guy wouldn't drop the price lower )

Also, haggling. Though I didn't even haggle, the guys at shops will usually move the price around if it means you'll buy it. I got some really nice cables for real cheap when I bought a studio subwoofer cause the guy thought I was ******ed for buying shitty cables to hook up studio monitors to
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Craigslist is the primary source if you live in or near a city. You can find great stuff if you just wait it out.

Also, the trading boards on every major guitar forum. All of them. Ug, tgp, mylespaul, sevenstring, tdpri, jemsite, rigtalk, harmony central, and whatever else.

Also, for Japanese brands, Japanese bidding sites. Just pay for shipping and import.
>craigslist listing
>go to the guy
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craigslist is pretty awesome

ive seen a couple of deals on ebay mostly on guitars
for my ibby prestigue for a bout three fiddy plus shipping

and the classified section on forumns you can get some decent deals
Craigslist and pawnshops are usually a good place to start. eBay is great, but you have to know what to look for in order to get a good deal and not get ripped off with messed up gear.

Lots of the bigger gear forums (Jemsite, Sevenstring.org etc..) have pretty good used gear sections too, but once again you need to be careful and know what to look for so you don't get ripped off.
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Craigslist is awesome, I've done like 20 buys/sells and they were all good. Musicians don't tend to be people to try to rip you off, it's mostly broke musicians switching gear around and people that gave up music and don't want to have stuff lying around.
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Ebay for me.Got a ESP LTD M400 for £250.Scott Ian Black 13 pedal for £30.Digitech Whammy for £40.Ive seen top line esp 1000 models go for as small as £250.Just have to be patient and check often for what your looking for.
Craigslist is where it is at.

The first post is dead on. Be patient. I bought a 5150 for $200, put $30 in parts in it and sold it for $550. Its all about looking for the deal. You have to be on that shit a lot, other people are looking for deals too. If you are looking for a certain thing its actually easier. That's how I got my TS9 for $25.

Just always be on the lookout. Sometimes I buy stuff I don't even want just because I know that I can sit on it and eventually sell it for a lot more. Hell when I bought my car I waited almost 3 months, looking every day till one popped up, got the car I wanted, in the condition I wanted worth at least $6k for $2200.
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if you have good gear already it helps, because then you can just wait until the right guitar for the right price comes around. it's best when you don't have anything too specific in mind, because then you might miss out on deals, but you also need to avoid not being specific enough, because you simply won't be able to keep track of everything and you'll miss a lot.

when it comes to craigslist, the diameter of your search area should have a negative correlation with the variety of your search. meaning, if you're searching over a larger area with a higher radius, you can afford to be more specific with your searches. But if your radius is smaller, you have to fish with a wider net.
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