I was tightening one of my tuning pegs because it felt a bit loose while i was changing my bass strings. After barely putting any pressure onto one of them, the screw head popped right off. The thing is I have a show tomorrow with my band. Now the screw is entirely in the body and the peg it happened to was not loose at all, quite sturdy/secure actually. Should this be a concern for the show? Or do you think it will be alright for one night? I posted a photo below to show it. The part of the screw that remains in the head stock does pop out of the surface of the wood.

I will not have time to bring it in anywhere and also am not to happy using my back up bass.

You think I will be alright? Like I said it is pretty sturdy. I am going to test it tonight at band practice.

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Should be okay in a pinch but don't knock it around or be too violent at the gig.

(might have better luck posting in GB&C )
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