Hey guys, ever since I got interested in music, Symphonic/Power Metal have always been my favourite genres of music. Ive always listened to bands like Sonata Arctica, Epica, Nightwish, Edguy, Avantasia etc., but never really tried actually songwriting in these styles, so I decided to give it a go.
I can safely say that I haven't really had much happen in my life which I would consider dramatic enough to put into a song, at least not a symphonic song anyway. So I wrote these lyrics completely off the top of my head. Currently nursing a headache from a couple hours working on these XD Let me know what you guys think. Id also love to hear any suggestions you may have to writing in this very intricate genre

Frozen Fire

The sea of my mind, calm until now
My thoughts keep drowning whilst trying to fly
The clouds hang high, I always knew they would come
The lighthouse that guides me is lost to the deep

I see what you need
Like freezing fire, so unreal to me
Left light behind, so dark in my mind
A hand to guide me to the other side

But still I wake up to the same old sound
A melody I know I've heard once before
It harmonized with a younger life
The softest Symphony, send me to sleep

Frozen in Time
The fire in my Mind
Break through the Ice
To bring back the Light

The pages I write, concealed within
I tear them away, to ease inner pain
I'm almost free and my demons are resting
The ocean sway, please chase them away

The pain in my eyes
The book falls open, the pages are white
Thoughts left to run, the poems undone
Agony reburdened, eternal demise

Frozen in Time
The fire in my Mind
Break through the Ice
To Bring back the Light

I intend to have a few more passages afterwards here, but this is what I have so far I was listening to a lot of Epica's Requiem of the Indifferent album, before I wrote this, so you have a bit more of an idea on what was going on in my brain.