Trying to tune an acoustic guitar. Using the korg. 6th string reads 5E and so on. Let my grandson use the guitar and now I'm having trouble tuning it. I'm just a year student myself. Any help will be appreciated
There's a thread, I think in the guitar techniques section, where's explained how to tune your guitar.
If you're not experienced, I would indeed suggest buying a tuner though.
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The Korg is a tuner :{
I'm puzzled with the reading and thought someone could help me figure it out.
Thanks anyway
What is the trouble you are having with the tuning of your instrument exactly? The number after the E, in this case 5, simply refers to the octave you are in.

It sounds to me as though you may be trying to tune your string to E, but you are tuning it either one octave too high or too low. I am a little confused though as you say the 6th string is reading E5. The 6th string should be E2, while the first string should be E4.

Just to clarify one thing, the 6th string is the string on the guitar that sits closest to your face and furthest from the floor. While the first string is closest to the floor and is not wound in any copper. Beginners commonly mix the string numbers up. Make sure you got it right!

Here are two links which may help you understand:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guitar_tunings#Standard - The first table under the heading "standard" has a column named "scientific pitch notation".

You need to make sure that you are tuning the right strings to their correct octave. Neither of the E strings on the guitar should read E5. The string with the highest PITCH (1st string), is an E4, while the string with the lowest PITCH (6th string), is an E2.

Best of luck.
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