Heya UG. I have a huge problem with my guitar.
I have a 2011 Gibson sg special 60's tribute and play in a metal band. I have exchanged the bridge pickup, from p90 to DiMarzio super distortion. Now, whenever I plug it in and things get a little louder, I get ENORMOUS guitar feedback. It's a very very high and strong feedback, so strong, it sometimes knocks out my noise gates.
It gets even worse when I use my wireless system, the feedback rises to a point where I can't use this guitar for gigs anymore, which is pretty much a shame because it sounds beautiful and well..money, ya know?

Any idea, what the problem is with this?

Clearing some things up:
Yes, I have tried the same thing with my other guitars, they weren't as noisy and worked well with loud settings and my wireless system.
Yes I tried it with other wireless systems and it still gives huge feedback and NO I will not just switch to cable for my shows, I need wireless for my performances and the feedback still occurs when I'm playing via cable.
Yes, I do use noise gates, no they are no solution to my problem, as the feedback even occurs inbetween my riffs.
No, the distortion is not cranked up to 11.

Any help is very very very very appreciated!
Does your wireless have a gain setting on it somewhere? I've owned 2 different wireless systems over the years and both had a small pot on the transmitter for transmit gain settings.

I think (Don't quote me) the super distortion is also a much more high gain pickup than the p90. Do your other guitars have the DiMarzio in them? Play with your gain settings on your amp or stomp boxes a bit and see if it helps, or roll off your tone knob on the guitar a bit.

Just trying to throw some ideas out.
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My wireless simply has a "level" or "line level" Pot and it is super tiny. Like, eye glass screwdriver tiny. Makes the world of difference, and then when you have to go to a cable, say during an emergency, you dont need to mess with the gain to find your place again.

You may notice that background hiss will disappear or at least decrease if this is your problem as well. very helpful
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Thanks to both of you guys!

I have the Dimarzio in one of my other guitars, I also own one with the typical EMG set-up and one with a Seymourd Duncan sh-6 in bridge position, but the Sg special is the only one who provides that heavy feedback.

I've tried to play with the gain setting on my first wireless system, aswell as with the volume on the other one I own. It helps a little bit, but not toooo much, that ugly feedback still comes back to haunt me but I will try to play a little with the settings of both of my wireless systems and see if there are better results to come.
Rolling back the volume knob is a little difficult, since I play in a death metal band that needs full thickness and full brutality ( I still don't use full gain, I have a high gain sound, but still very straight ).
Try lowering the height of your pickup, it may be too close to the strings.
It already is pretty low, that was the first thing I tried and unfortunately, it didn't work, but thanks anyway.
Quote by Oh_My_Goth
It already is pretty low, that was the first thing I tried and unfortunately, it didn't work, but thanks anyway.

Maybe your pickup is microphonic.
Didn't think of that! A knock on the guitar - and - a loud knock is heard from the amp, so yeah, maybe they are microphonic, that would explain the extrem high, fast feedback it gives.
I will try to solve that problem, I HOPE it's because the pickup is microphonic. I'll bring my guitar to my guitar-guy next week to ask him for some waxing, hope that will work.

Thanks, maybe that's the solution...but maybe not..we'll see

oh and by the way..looking at your title and your location..I see what you did there
Does it feed back if you mute the strings?
Check your grounds and make sure they are making good contact.
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Heya, yes, I also get heavy feedback when I mute the strings, no matter where I am or through what amp/ cabinet I play. It's a very very high feedback, different from normal guitar feedback. When I play at rehearsing volume, I also get the feedback WHILE I am playing.
( Also thanks to you for replying ! )
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