I bought these after my ZOOM G2.1nu died, for $400 total on auction. I always refuse to buy separate effectors and instead buy multi-effector because it takes less space and less money depending on the effectors used. Digitech whammy is the only exception. I only have 2 years of experience in playing guitar, I used to play violin for 8 years before that, so I learned a bit faster than not having any musical background before playing the guitar. D

Unfortunately, I don't have much knowledge about effectors, I don't know exactly what effectors to use when making sounds. I am trying to master a song called Building the Church by Steve Vai, that I gave up half a year ago. It was fine when I was using ZOOM G2.1 nu, but GT-10 has a lot of noise and I have no idea how to make the sound at least close to what Vai makes. And there are a lot of noises the gt-10 itself makes and I don't know what it's coming from.

Also, Digitech Whammy's harmonizer makes noise similar to those dual sounds when unison bending. Also it's hard to hear the upper notes when using the harmoniy.

This is a bad noob question, I know. But I did search for tips and those, but I am too noob that I don't know exactly what to do when I want to fix something. Please help.
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Try google, there are some places where you can download patches to your GT-10, I believe there are quite a few Steve Vai themed ones, I had one For The Love Of God and some other song.

The GT-10 definitely wasn't built to be easy to use, but once you do learn, you can make really good use of it.
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here are 5 Steve Vai patches for the GT-10. Once you download these onto your computer and then upload them to you GT-10 you will be able to view all the effects/amps/cabs chosen to create the patch as well as the settings of each so that you can educate yourself to the effects/amps/cabs that will get you close to this sound for any you try to create yourself.
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Thanks guys, I downloaded all of them except for Tender Surrender one, which for some reason cannot be loaded on the Librarian Software for GT-10. Close enough to me, so big thanks!

Does the Digitech Whammy DT always have so much noise? Especially on Up/Down Octave HARMONY mode, it has this noise like when you do an Unison Bend on guitar. And the higher notes are harder to hear that it doesn't sound much like a HARMONY but a drop tuner instead. I could still hear them of course, but Music Newbies probably won't hear the difference. That's how much higher notes don't ring.

It also still have a lot of noise without the Digitech Whammy. I tried the Noise Suppressor 1 and 2 on GT-10, but still makes a lot of notable noise even when not playing. It just doesn't sound clean. I wonder if it's the preamps on GT-10 or the cables or the guitar itself (I have Ibanez RG370DX).