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I'm about to start doing some demos for my band. I've got the most experience recording out of any of us, but there's one thing I've never been able to do - get a good distorted guitar tone while recording. Even if the amp is sounding amazing in the room, it always comes out tinny and thin on playback. I'm able to get a nice, lush clean sound, but never a good crunch. I'm thinking it's my mic placement, so does anybody have any tips on the best way to mic up a guitar cab to get a good distorted tone? I'm working with a Shure SM57, into a Roland UA-101 interface, and I'm using SONAR X3 Studio.
My guess is that you're not double tracking your stuff, nor EQing it, so try doing both.
The placement is really the one you prefer; that video anyway might help ya.

video on youtube
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Give this article a read, from the looks of it, a really helpful resource. Will probably have lots for it in the near future. Oh, and it's a pretty funny read too
If it's tinny and thin, move the microphone away from the center of the speaker. It should get fuller the further out you go, though you'll lose bite. Usually I mic my V30s right at the edge of the cone and the dust cap, but you might find you need to go further out. Don't be afraid to use a low pass filter, either. One between 8-12kHz can do wonders to getting rid of the hiss your 6505+ will have.

Also - What sounds good in the room might not always sound good on the recording. Adjust the EQ on your amp for the recording, not for the room. Most recorded guitar tones are actually not very "big" - this "huge guitar tone" actually comes from the bass guitar being added in
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