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To brag about how many marijuana plants you have. Duh.

Oh Reilly?
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The fact that police would arrest someone A. in this condition and B. for doing what he was doing is just pathetic. Law's gotta change.
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WVIT NBC Connecticut notes that in the video, shot in his storage unit at Nod Place in Clinton, he asked for donations so he could then give the marijuana away, for free, to people who are ill with terminal cancer. He also mentions that he is suffering from terminal cancer as well.
**** the police
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Guys, let's not use Clark's name in vain. Plus that's some mighty fine police work there.
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Score one for the police state. Score zero for the cancer patient with a severe head injury.
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Anyway, not sure what to make of this guy. I somewhat wonder what medicinal use he had for that cocaine unless he was practicing amatuer dentistry. It's still stupid that he got arrested, if only because there's better shit the police could be doing.
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Score one for the police state. Score zero for the cancer patient with a severe head injury.

When police showed up, they found two pounds of pot, hashish, cocaine, and oxycodone.

1) It wasn't just pot.

2) He was previously arrested with 10 pounds of pot

3) Given his past history, He's probably a moron and probably made up the crap about wanting to give it to terminal people to see how many morons would actually send money. (Free money from "donations" plus money from selling.)

4) Regardless, he still violated the law. Also, he made it very easy for them to catch him so not much money or manpower was wasted.

With the head injury, jail time and if he is actually terminal, maybe he will be removed from the gene pool before breeding.