I've been searching around like crazy for pitch shifters that can do any interval wihtin an octave fixed. I know the Boss PS-6 can do some intervals fixed, but I despised its sound, and it can only do a limited selection of intervals. The results from my searching tells me most of the pitch shifters have either been remade, or are based around being harmonizers with limited pitch shifting capabilities. I realize the Harmony Man is also based around being a harmonizer, but the possibility for presets and the seeming ease of use makes it ideal for me IF it can do any interval fixed.

Would love some input, and maybe some other options. Mind you, the presets of the Harmony Man is more of a luxury than a necessity; I can easily drop it for a more versatile pitch shifter.
Just look at the Harmony Man manual. In my opinion, it does what you ask for, but check to make sure anyway.
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Yeah, thanks for the tip. I would try it, but it is discontinued, so I cannot find it in the stores. I am going to test the Eventide before I make a decision, but I am really drawn towards DigiTech's little guy.