Howdy everyone , i have RAN building me a custom guitar . it will be a 30" bolt on 8 string , with aftermath pickups , mahogany body and 5 piece walnut/mahogany neck. The thing is that i love the look of walnut and i wanted to make the whole body walnut.
That means that i will have too much brightness coming out of my tone , which ran told me as well. what can i do to darken the sound again so that it was as close to the mahogany one ? ( i will play djent/deathcore/post-rock-metal/ambiental and so on...therefore i want my tone to be quite dark ( thats how i love it) and tight.)

until now i thought about ovangkol, rosewood , mahogany : ovangkol being the closest one in looks and which i like the most. I would've put walnut directly in the neck, but that will be damn bright.
Might a change in pickups to the BKP warpigs do a difference ?

Thank you
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why not do a walnut top? that way you could have the look from front, but not really have to worry so much about what the back wood is.

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i already had a walnut top added ,but seems i like that walnut too much and want it to cover more of my guitar
nevermind, i sorted it out in the end
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