A few months ago I dropped my CD-60CE on the floor (like table high) and the bottom part of the body got a dent and the back part started cracking a bit on the side. I'll post a picture for more information.


Anyway, I just wanted to know, is this repairable? And if so, how expensive will it be?


EDIT: Added another photo for scale (the problem is on the down right corner)

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If you've got a Guitar Center they will do it. I'm not sure the cost. I just got the exact same one and I know Fender has warranties. Check 'em out.
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manufacturer warranties cover manufacturing defects - they don't cover damage from drops, etc. your best bet is to take it to a luthier and ask what it will cost to fix. my guess is it will be too pricy considering the value of the guitar, but it couldn't hurt to ask.
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to the OP, it depends what you mean by repair.

If you have no rattles or buzzes from the break, it may not be an issue or at least not yet.
It might be possible to 'glue up' the break to prevent further damage or to stop it opening up further but without the cosmetics of an invisible repair. (You might be able to do this yourself if you feel confident). It will always be visible although it's on the back so no too much of a problem for live work.
You could have a full repair which would fix the break, fill the chips and refinish to an all but invisible repair. This final option is the expensive one and usually only valid on valuable 'keeper' guitars. Price is dependent on who you ask and possibly how busy they are. Mirror black can be a bitch to blend in and make invisible.