the Eastman Ac122ce would be a better comparison against the taylor 114ce.
both have solid spruce tops which is a good thing. both have laminate back and sides( i don't care what the veneer of the lam is, just the composition of the laminate)
same bodystyle( if you are comparing the ac122ce),
either would be a decent guitar. around the same price.
i've only played the 114ce and it sounded pretty good for the price.( i have several taylors so i guess i could be considered biased).
i've only had a little experience with Eastmans( never touched the ac122ce or the E60m for that matter) but i like them a lot.
if you could play them sisde by side, that's what i would recommend to make a decision.
if you're buying it online( which i strongly recommend against), i'd take the taylor as taylor's reputation for consistancy is unparalelled. i'm not sure of eastman's quality consistancy.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
i like 'em both, but the eastman is all solid, which is a plus. the 114 is one of my favorite laminate b&s guitars, but i've really liked all the solid eastmans i've played. the laminate b&s of the taylor may be less sensitive to humidity changes, but the eastman may be more resonant. i'd choose the eastman as it has a 1 3/4" nut, but you may feel differently.
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