I am thinking about getting a pod hd, desktop model, for my guitar. I have never in my life tried this model exept for 5 minutes in a music store and i could never figure out how it worked...

I do own a small portable studio, the boss br 900 cd, which has a cosm-ampmodelling thing built in... Would the pod dh sound better than this?
Yes. the HD will sound better than the older COSM in the boss. It's also something like $199 now.

I'm sure you couldn't figure out guitar in the first 5 minutes you had one, but that didn't stop you...
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Ok, will there be a huge difference?
Is the COSM a shitty multi effect and the POD HD fantastic?
Sorry for the stupid questions, but i have really high expectations on the POD and I have too know that it´s worth the money.
The effects in your Boss are an additional extra in a piece of kit designed for recording.

The POD is a piece of kit designed for effects with an additional extra that allows you to record.

It's just common sense that the one designed for effects will be better for effects.
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