Hello all fellow musicians!

Still relatively new here, only my second or third post, so apologies if this is in the wrong forum or whatever. I'm looking for some sound advice on a beginners purchase to a keyboard/snyth for a singer who's self teaching himself the guitar and

I'm looking to learn the keyboard but after some reading i'm seeing Synth's and they look like you can do so much more?

I'm a big house fan and i know that the capabilities of someone who has good synth knowledge incredible.
I'm an solo acoustic soul artist, i don't really know too much about playing keyboard i'm self teaching guitar having been predominantly a vocalist for a year now. I'm 2 months in with guitar following the very good www.justingutiar.com beginners course.

I'm just getting the hang of it all staying patient taking it slow, looking to experiment with adding the two instruments together the idea of keyboard and guitar could add some incredible depth to the music i want to create and allow myself many avenues to explore musically.

But thinking a synth could be the way to go with the ability to experiment so much? As i'm looking into some looping capabilites with a Boss RC30 Loop Station soon on the agenda when funds are available. Just to experiment with the capabilities of looping i don't know too much about that either; like i say i am just trying to learn what i can and skip the unnecessary info i dont need. Get some good direction on what way to go to suit my needs baring in mind i'm an absolute beginner keyboard player looking into playing, so some real sound advice on a potential purcahse, and even some advice in general, would be greatly greatly appreciated.

From a fellow musician, trying to dreate something a little different, i appreciate any help.

Many regards.

You could buy some cheap MIDI-keyboard and use software synths (on your computer DAW software)

I think the biggest question is that do you really want to play piano or just some synth leads and some chords? If you really want to play proper piano (big arpeggio runs, using the whole register pretty much, etc) you will want 88 (semi) weighted keys. However, if you just want to play some melodies and not too complex stuff, unweighted 49 keys or 61 keys should be enough.

I myself made the mistake of buying a 49 key keyboard first. I was originally planning to just play some synth lines on the background of my guitar tracks, but I soon found that piano really was more my thing than guitar ever was. I kept running out of octaves all the time, so half a year later I bought a semi weighted 88 key.

I'm only talking about MIDI keyboards here. I don't know anything about "real" keyboards or hardware synths.
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My opinion, depending on how much you want to spend is:
Yamaha MOXF, great sounds including synths plus it has flash so new sounds can be added.

Price range is $1100-1200

I actually have made a review about it on this site.
As Elintasokas said, a super cheap method is a MIDI controller and software sounds, but to get good sounds and different instruments, the price can start to get a little wild. Plus you have to make sure you have a suitable PC and in most cases a DAW program (like Sonar, Cubase, ProTools)