I'm looking to build my own electronics into various acoustic guitars. While I'm well versed in audio electronic design, and all the typical "techie" skills (PC boards and such), I was hoping to not have to re-invent wheels when it came to recessed plastic control panels, like you usually see on acoustics that have pre-amps or other controls. Even old wooden loudspeakers often have recessed panels like these. Some call these 'control cups". But after searching for almost a year, I was surprised to come up dry. For such a simple shape I thought I'd find dozens of of similar products. No luck.

I'm pretty much resigned at this point to building a vacuum form machine. Aside from the trimming and milling out control openings, most of the shapes I'll need would only require a block of wood, and I guess if I'm making my own I'll have way more options for getting fancy. But I'm still pretty surprised, even shocked I haven't found tons of these in every conceivable shape and size available. Maybe some of you have some sources?