A song written for guitar, but I was playing around with MIDI synthesizers and laid it down as an electronica version. I would have liked to lay it down as a progressive trance, but I don't know how to use envelopes and other mixing/production tools to use white noise, uprising pitch shifts, and stuff, so I just kind of tried to do something interesting with choice of synths.

Really, I need to get off my butt and records it with live instruments as a rock song with lyrics & all...one day.

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I like the main melody in the beginning. Even though it all sounds too 80's for me (I hate the 80's lol) i like the sounds you used i think they work. Some little weirdness starting on the 0:48 mark sounds too dissonant, but afterwards it settles. Melodies at the end get sort of eh. Also i would leave out is the off time note in the middle it seems out of place with the whole feel of the tune i'm assuming it was purposely done. All in all a decent tune. I'm interested to see what it'll sound like with real instruments and guitars. Post it when it's ready.

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You wouldn't by any chance be using a M-Audio Venom for the beginning sounds? It has a bit of that "bite". Anyway, I liked the track. I think the drums are actually the weak point here. They've got way too much "soul" compared to the rest, and it kind of makes the synthesizers sound a bit cheesy. Could hear this as some kind of game soundtrack.

Good job all in all. Would love for you to check out our song: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1631043
Thanks for feedback. It was done on Reaper, and I don't think I have used an M-Audio Venom vsti for anything yet, assuming it's something that is available for Reaper. I have given feedback to your recordings, too.

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