Hey guys, i recently got 5150 off a friend, and saw a L.E.D mod (pic below), i was wondering if anybody had instruction/tips on how to go about this, i did a quick search and couldnt really find anything besides someone who did it on a 6505 combo which apparently already has a LED light in it??

i would also like to have the light wired up so it turns on when the amp does, i would prefer not having the led having its own adapter that i would have to plug in.

Any tips would be appreciated.

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Just buy an LED bar of the color, and size you want from HERE

Thats where I got mine anyways. Just stuck it into the back of my chassis and it has its own plug. I suppose you could tap the amp for power, but that would be some messing around.
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If the light bar uses 12v power you can get it straight from the 12v AC filament winding of the power transformer in the amp. No need to rectify/filter it. AC works about* as well as DC for LEDs. Plus, by the time you rectify and filter 12v AC, it becomes about 17v DC.

*I say about as well because powering LEDs with AC will cause them to only be on half the time, being diodes after all, but this shouldn't be noticable because they are switching on and off 120 times per second (60 on-off cycles per second). In fact, since they are only on for half the time they will use only half the power, making them more energy efficient.
Sorry to hijack the thread, but i'm doing something similar with on my amp conversion. I have brought myself a 20cm strip of this:
will power it from the LED power supply in my 6505+ 112. Think it'll do the job, roughly as shown in the pic at the start of this thread?
Says its 12v so it should.

Edit: ok so I got a scheme for the 6505+ 112 and sure enough, there's no 12v AC filament winding. It's 6v.

But there's a type 7815 15v DC regulator IC (labelled U1) that you can use. You may need a series resistorto drop it down to 12v for the LEDs.

I cant tell if the 5150 has a 12v AC heater winding but there's a 24v DC supply you can use if you wire two of those 12v LED strips in series.
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