No offense but it's not really my type of music, but it does sound cool at times, very retro vibe to it.
Yup. I have to back up wolfdemon99 on this. This really isn't my type of music at all. It sounds good. Maybe some more breakpoints where the tempo could go higher and then back to normal again? Good luck!
Thanks for the feedback on Nocturnal Visions.
Alright right off the bat, i'm digging the sample running through the whole thing (at first i thought it was just an intro) and the words being said. (MLK? Sorry i'm not very knowledgable of those iconic peoples' speeches) As for the instrumentation everything sounds solid and well put together, but i feel there should be more cooperation between the speech and the music. Maybe some pauses in between to make way for the music to change up or warping of the voice in certain spots.
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wolfdemon99, andreicristian, and BoneBroke,
Thank you for the reviews! Yes, this is the speech that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave shortly before he was killed....the next day.
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Mountain Top is very good, I love the sample of Martin Luther King Jr that plays out. Really cool sounds popping in and out. Pretty cool short little song tribute, I like that a lot. Overall I dig it, not much I can really suggest to help you improve this time sadly. Well maybe that's more of a good thing? Either way I dig it, nice job
Hey there! Production is tight as always. The instrumentation does feel a bit generic though, but the Martin Luther King Jr sample is a nice touch (it's him, isn't it?). Your bass synth is lacking a bit of bottom end IMO, but the drums are very nice.

Always a pleasure. Would love for you to check out this one: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1631043
MLK clip is epic. Quite timely day to listen to this =P. Background instrumentation isn't very arresting but it complements the speech nicely as that is the focus. Very experimental, but I dig that sort of stuff. Beat and synths do remind me a bit of Mortal Kombat. Overall nice job, as always the audio quality is very good. Thanks for your crit of my piece.
Well this isn't really my style of music, but from what I heard it's not bad. I don't mind some electronica, but this has more of a straight techno feel to it, and I'm not too big on techno. Good work though
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Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! And yes, that is Martin Luther King, Jr.
I've heard quite a few of your songs in the past year or so and I immediately recognize your style. Still not really my style, but it's good. One thing I really noticed was how varied the instrumentation was, it sounds like there is a lot of stuff happening. The variety also helps in making the song sound a bit more organic despite the very digital sounds. I thought it would've been cool if the instrumentation got fuller as the speech got more excited, so that there would've been more of a connection between the two.
Also, thanks for your reply on my song.
Hey aaron, thank you for listening and commenting on my song !

Not particularly my cup of tea (referring to your song) but I appreciate all music, I believe this is a sub-genre of techno ? (I'm sorry, I'm not that familiar with the genre)

I liked some of the effects used in this, however it felt a little monotonous at some points but that's probably because my ears aren't used to that type of music.. I liked the arpeggio synth you used during some parts (Absynth ? or your own keys ?)

I'm sorry if my critique isn't what you'd expect but as I said, I'm not familiar with this genre of music so I'm not sure how to critique something I'm not familiar with !

Overall I thought it was a good beat ! keep it up
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Soldier Poet & Necrolust,
In this song I used D16 LuSH101 (synth software), Arturia Spark Dubstep (drums & synth sounds), (arpeggio synth & other synths) Arturia Analog Laboratory/Oberheim SEM-V/Moog Modular/Jupiter-8V, u-he Zebra (synth software), and toontrack Superior Drummer. Thank you for your replies.
As I listen...

I like the MLK sample but im not a huge fan of electronic sounds in general. Not my cup of tea but it sounds well produced and put together. Theres a lot of movement which is cool. Sounds like it should be a fight song for Mortal Kombat (minus the MLK) ...and yes that is a compliment! lol

I do like the drum track though.

Sorry I cant give a more in depth crit but you seem to know what your doing and putting together a musical vision
There's some cool stuff going on. "now you're here" is pretty intense.

the mixing is great too.

To be honest I don't know much about this genre I don't think I've ever heard anything like this before.
Awesome production. The speech is definitely the focus here. The instrumental compliments MLK's voice quite well. I don't mind this sort of music. Quite fun to listen to. Your style is definitely recognizable from listening to your music countless of times before. Great stuff, man! The electronic melodies are bouncy and get caught up in your head a lot. Catchy! Thank you for the crit on my song! Keep up the good work.
Serrana, jpaolilli, ChucklesMginty, HarlotHero,
Thank you for the reviews! In this song I used (within CubaseLE4) D16 LuSH101 (synth software), Arturia Spark Dubstep (drums & synth sounds), (arpeggio synth & other synths) Arturia Analog Laboratory/Oberheim SEM-V/Moog Modular/Jupiter-8V, u-he Zebra (synth software), and toontrack Superior Drummer.
not my piece of music here, but I can tell that nice synthesizers sound you got here
very inspirational, i would like to steal something like that to my creations, hehe
Dude, I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love speeches over music, and the MLK one was perfect. That was so epic dude. All i can say, is that was just incredible. Is it possible to download this song anywhere? Id love to dl it or even buy it. Best thing ive heard from you yet! keep it up!
Glad you liked it! When you click on the blue "full" (that goes with "Mountaintop") text on my first link shown, it takes you to this link here:


You can download any of the songs for free.

The songs are even more free if you really like them

Thank you for your comments! You can also download the song for free! I do have a formal U.S. copyright on the instrumental portion of the song if were going to try to sell it somehow
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Hey Aaron,

I love your music too. Especially "I saw you today" reminds me at the beginning of those 80s songs, like Lazerhawk and stuff Nice feeling
Sorry for the late-ish reply man, thanks for the review;

Interesting sounds as always man, the sample over the top really worked well. Your production is definitely sounding tighter as well!

Solid track but I would maybe emphasise the change of progression you have in the middle to add a bit of variety. Either way, good stuff man.
First impression made me kinda negative but as i kept listening it reminded me of playing Red Alert as a kid haha, you've got a cool style and remind me of frank klepacki (videogame music producer)

Keep it up and you may just end up somewhere =)

Please listen to my song and comment, your opinion would be very interesting since i play something entirely different, probably not your kind of music.
Your production skills, as always, are quite good. The stereo effects are nice, and Martin Luther King (I think that is who that was giving the speech, right?) is always good in my book . I would have liked to hear some kind of melodic hook in there to pull me more into the music, but maybe you wanted the speech to be the center of attention in this?

Mountaintop is a pretty good track. Prefer it more to the other tracks and I really dig the samples used and how you've layered the track. What was the reason behind using the sample?
Also think I've heard your stuff a while back when I was doing the House Of Broken Glass stuff, which I had a thread on here about =]
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Thank you for your replies, I appreciate it. I was about 90% done with the instrumental part, and I didn't know what to sing on top of it (I sing vocals on most of my tunes). For some reason, I wanted some sort of African American vocals on the song (even though I'm Caucasian), but I don't know any black males that would be available to sing on it (I know a black guy that seems close to a record deal, but he hasn't been in my neighborhood lately, and I don't know his phone number; I haven't heard him sing, he might be more of a rapper). Back in the 80's it was not unusual to put vocal/talking clips in songs. U2 had part of a Martin Luther King speech on the intro of one of their popular songs (a version or two of "Pride (In the Name of Love)"). Even though I'm not black, I find the vocal clips rather moving, and I think the audience reaction adds a lot to it (just my opinion).
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The mix was really good on the music. It really was pretty catchy even though it's not my type of music. It would be cool if the dynamics of the song matched the dynamics of the speech, and I'm not quite sure the tone (in this case I mean the feel) of the song quite matched the emotion of the speech. But it is a very well mixed track with some pretty sweet fill-type sounds.
Commenting as I listen.

The speech over the top works well with what's going on in the background (which doesn't sound like it would be out of place in some 80s arcade fighting game).
I feel like it drags on a little, because until about 1.45, I'm basically listening to a loop with a speech over it, then there's a change for about 15-20 seconds, and back to the loop.

Overall, it works. The whole song is only 2 and a half minutes long though, so for me to feel like it drags on a bit is unsual. Probably because there's about 0 variation in what's going on in the background.

I enjoyed it though, listened to the whole thing. Would definitely work in a game, like I mentioned.

C4C - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1632815
I remember reviewing one of your songs a long time ago. I'm not very into electronic but I like what you did with the clip of that speech. Reminds me of Living Colour. I attempted to write an electronic piece once and found its much harder than it looks. This is pretty groovy actually and I like the spacey effects. Especially the one at the end. I was expecting the speech to die off and have a sweet electronic jam come in for a climax and was a little dissapointed when that wasn't the case. Besides that this song is fine. I'm rlly impressed with the fact you have over 100 songs posted. You seem to know what your doing :P
Thanks for the crit. I was kinda disappointed in this song. I've reviewed your stuff before and I've liked it, but this was just not up my alley. The production was good, but with no actual singing and just using MLK's speech made it sound like a documentary with some early 90's educational music in the background.

I think if you wrote and sung some actual lyrics to it and paired it with the MLK lines, it would work out better.
Hi aaron and thanks for the crit!

This is the second song I've heard from you. I don't think this is as good as the previous one (can't remember its name) but it's not bad, not at all. Using the speech works but it being the only vocal source makes me wonder how it would've been if there were some vocals in it, too. I'm no expert in this genre of music but the sounds are good and easy for your ear. On the other hand, I wish there would've been more depth to it.
sorry i took my time getting back to you.

this kind of sounds...not really like a song, more like a sort of electronic "jam." mainly because it's just some music with a speech over it. which is kinda cool. like others have said, it's put together well and it fits with the speech somehow. interesting listen.
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