so after a long wait, and a good bit of drilling etc, here is what I have. I have tested it out and it sounds absolutely lovely, rich tones =), far better than any american strat i tested out ^_^, very pleased with the sound.

The action at the moment feels a little bit high, had a litle issue with some fret buzz, but im working on that, gonna go buy some new 10 46 strings tomorrow as well

so I sanded the final poly coat with 800-1500 grit sandpaper all over to try and get the final coat pretty smooth, there are definitely quite a few spots where I could still see some unlevel little bits, but I feared I would sand through all the poly if I wasnt to try and get EVERY spot, so I am ok with having a few unlevel specs.

One issue i did have after the final sanding is I certainly had an issues getting it well polished or shiny, I baught M3 Finesse It finishing polish, and I used quite a bit of it as well, I really was unable to get it shiny, I tried hand polishing and I baught a couple drill bit buff / polish pads,

I feel the color scheme has come out pretty well, the tone is amazing, I may end up taking it apart again if anyone has ay other suggestions on how to get a really shiny look. Thanks for following along on my project so far guys =)

ps, god im so happy with the sound =)

heres the journey

That's a sexy ass guitar, I just have this thing for maple necked strats
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I don't recall ever having seen dyed spalted maple before. it looks gorgeous, but to be honest, if this was my guitar, I would have left it undyed! it looks stunning as is! great job with it and im glad its sounding good for you. you'll get your buzzing kinks worked out and it will be a perfect guitar! thanks for sharing.

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Well done!
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Awesome work. Congratulations, man. She's a beauty.
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Quote by guitarjohn99
I may end up taking it apart again if anyone has ay other suggestions on how to get a really shiny look.

i'd spray the body with watco clear lacquer a few times, let it dry a week, repeat that about three times. then block wetsand with 800, then 1000, then 1200, then 1500, then 2000.
then polish with maguier's carnuba car wax.

should come out dripping wet looking.

here's a thin clearcoat i put on an ash body last year. probably only about 3 coats total and not a lot of wetsanding. (was going for thin)

i used the same basic technique to finish this headshell i made, but finished it in poly.

killer looking spalted maple flame top strat!
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sweet looking guitar for sure.
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Awesome, I think it would look even better with a white pickguard!
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Seriously, that thing is beautiful! You should be damned proud of it!
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Awesome, I think it would look even better with a white pickguard!

That is such a beautiful piece of wood that i wouldnt use pickguard at all. Why cover it under a piece of plastic.

Though the control cavity is a problem...

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Looks great. I'd have gone for chrome hardware personally, but the dye job looks fantastic.
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WOAH. That is definitely one of the most beautiful guitars Ive ever seen. Job very well done!!
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