Trying to tune my guitar....HELP! Tuning string 6 and tuner reads 5A
What am I doing wrong?
Well, either your tuner is just playing up, you are playing the wrong string, or you have somehow managed to either tune it 5 steps up, or 7 steps down.
IF it is the last one, it will be stupidly floppy it too low, or crazy tight if too high

My money is on the tuner just spazzing a little. Try changing the batteries maybe? Or using a different tuner to compare, maybe get one for your phone (if you can get apps, there are tons of free tuners that work fine)
Tune all teh other strings, then hold the 6th string on the 5th fret, and try andmake it sound the same as your open 5th string.
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Also some tuners aren't chromatic tuners and need the user to tell it which sting they are tuning. It sounds like thats whats going on with you. Some tuners have both options. If yours doesn't have a chromatic option, you may have to push a button to tell it which string you're intending in tuning. 6E, 5A, 4D etc.

Or you could just tune the A string in w.e mode you're in and tune by ear from there, good practice tbh.
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