the angels' make out in the back of your mind
rolling over until the planets align
it's all rather thorough and HD
my sense is tuned to yours to a degree

you're so danger
you're so thrill
you're so fluorescent
head to toe

now I'm coming round the corner
and I'm crawling up your mood
stolen glances force the sauna
toward the better side of lewd

the polar vortex of romantics
fire side by side with chill
I'm clinging to your goosebumps
sticking close just for the thrill

you're so danger
you're so droll
you're so luminous
head to toe

it's so unreal to see you steal a second for yourself
when all that's left is to give me head and put you back on the shelf
like salt and vinegar crisps you'll never taste quite right to me
you're virgin cola to my coke
make me choke

you're so dangerous
you're so tall
you're so confident
head to toe
you're so danger
so criminal
so together
head to toe

head to toe
head to toe
head to toe