We are looking for a lead guitarist, keyboard player and (Hopefully) three female vocalists to join us in a covers band. We are already rhythm guitar, bass and drums and we're looking for people who have stage experience and can actually turn up to practise / gigs / jam nights. (Transport and equipment helps too).
Once we have a band that can actually make a decent noise together, we want to start writing original material but to start with, having fun playing covers will do to get us going.
Influences cover just about all bases except jazz and we want to include as many different styles of music as possible from all the band members so please reply with the styles and kinds of music you enjoy playing and we will learn and jam your stuff as well as the music we already want to play.
We are all easy going and range in age from 21 to 41 - we don't care how old / young you are as long as you love playing music like we do and can actually perform.
We will be using rehearsal studios once a week somewhere in or near to London. Once we get a list of people interested, we will all meet up for a drink sometime soon and get p*ssed while we discuss what we're actually going to do, see how we all get on and go from there.
We are not in this to make serious money, but if we make a decent job of it and it does end up making something then all the better. For now we all just want to be in a working band that sounds good and audiences like to listen to.

All replies will be answered and we're grateful for any we get.