Hi, I was looking around at some DIY kit guitars earlier and was wondering if they're worth it? I'm interested in building a Firebird, and figured it would be much cheaper than buying a proper gibson. I would probably buy different pickups for it and maybe a few other things and a proper paint job.

Has anyone else made one of these kit guitars before, and how good was the sound and build quality of it? Obviously it won't be as good as a gibson, but I've got a les Paul anyway and I'm happy with it, just really wanted a firebird without spending so much. I just thought it would be a bit of fun + you (should) get a functioning guitar after it for not that much money. And are they hard to build?
If you just want a Firebird, Epiphone makes one for about the price you'd end up spending on the DIY kit. There are hidden costs to building a guitar kit. Educational materials, special tools, do over costs, upgrades, practice expenses, etc add to the costs of building a guitar kit.
But, if you have a workbench, a few simple tools, time, patience, are able to self educate, and have the ability to be satisfied with your end result, then building a guitar can be a great experiance.
But, if you throw tools, blame others for your failure, are a quitter, have no time or place to build, are hypercritical of your own work, etc., then buy the Epi. and save yourself the learning curve headaches.
But, beware, building guitar kits can become an addiction, your second one will be better than your first.
Check out us kit builders at www.realmusiciansforum.com to see what you're getting in to. I'm working on Raeven's Red ES-175 flamed Maple kit right now.
Good luck
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I think it would be good to get first hand experience at doing something like this but I'll think about it and research more. I'm still in school so I have enough spare time, and my dad does a lot of DIY stuff so he should have the most the tools. I think it would feel more rewarding knowing that you built the guitar yourself, and that you can knock it around or mess about with it.