Hey thanks for your crit on my video!

This is really well done man. The production, mixing and playing is all very tight and professional sounding. Add some vocals to it and its gona be kickass.

If I was being really picky, I'd say maybe some more eq/mixing on the drums, but overall this is sick. I was headbanging listening to it haha good job.
Hey man I checked it out, and while I don't know the original song, your instrumental sounds great and has an overall pleasing guitar tone. I didn't notice any major mistakes or anything like that so good job!
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I am not familiar with the original song, but it sounded very good . I liked the quieter parts better. The only weak point was the drums, which sounded a bit too electronic/programmed. Also a video on youtube would be more interesting to watch.
Sweet panning with the two sounds in the intro. I think the kick could use a bit more power, but I do like the tone of the kick. Super awesome swell into the big part at 1:40, nicely done. I really like the dynamic range throughout this song. The guitar part that comes in at 2:36 (and earlier) could use a bit of eq work (sorry but I'm no eq whiz so I'm not really sure what would need to be adjusted without playing with it myself), though that might have been the sound you were looking for. It's also a little bit off the beat at points, just a little bit though. The eq of the guitars in the choruses (I think they're choruses) have a bit of a nasal quality to them, which I think is just a bit too much mids (high-mids maybe??). Also, the bass guitar needs to sound fuller, I could especially hear it in the softer parts. Even though I've said a lot of things that I think could be improved, they're really small things because overall, this song really sounds really good. With the right vocals, this song could really be spectacular. I've never head the original version, but it sounds to me like some Chris Daughtry-esque vocals would be perfect. I'm thinking of his sound in the chorus of "What I Want "