Ok so I have a Winston (made by Guyatone) Archtop with brass colored Frets, now on Certain frets, there are like ridges on the fret bars, that when I use Vibrato it gives the string an interesting sound. I have never ever seen another guitar with this, nor do I know how to even search it on google. Can anyone tell me more about these Fret bars??
I think there are like 8-13 per bar, and before you ask, yes they are purposefully there. If I am able to I will try to upload some pictures soon if I can't get an answer as is.
think a picture would be handy to see it

Dont think id want one tho, theres a reason every guitar ive seen has smooth frets :p
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I have never heard of a deliberately ridged fret wire. That sounds like it would interfere with the string vibration. But if your guitar is indeed a 1930's archtop, then you might do best to send an e-mail to Gruhn Guitars. They do restorations and such, and should be able to tell you about those frets.


Post pics when you can. I would like to see these frets. Good luck with the search!
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Sounds like the frets are worn. Post a pic.
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That is not on every fret, and I am sorry my mis understanding its easily over 50 per fret bar.
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Seems like someone just made a very shitty attempt at filing the frets. Probably the same morogn who painted inlays onto the fretboard.
There are the same number on several frets, and they are all evenly spaced, this was done on purpose I believe, at mfr plant. The painted inlays was not an uncommon practice in the older days. The inlays on The archtops from this era were most painted, I think. I've talked to a lot of people about this. Can anyone please help me identify type of fret bar this is, and it does not interfere with sound unless I use vibrato, and even then I think it adds to the guitar not takes away from the sound.
Theres no way you could get spacing that even between the cuts using hand files on those frets, that's been put there on purpose. What that purpose is, I have not one idea...