i should use index finger on both 10

because it is hard to avoid ringing
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Indeed you should use your index. It's a technique commonly called rolling and it's VERY hard to get good at particularly with higher speeds. Don't expect to practice enough that you'll be able to play it clean and at a high speed in a few weeks because in my opinion it is one of the hardest techniques to execute correctly. It's all about muting and perfect execution.
Agreed. This is a core skill, and well worth your time to practice it. Make a barre with your index over the two notes at the 10th fret. Now roll it forward a bit, so it stands up a bit on the lower note. Just enough so that the pressure comes off the higher note and mutes it. Now do it in reverse, where you roll it back a bit, enough for the pressure to come off the lower note and mute it.
As vayne92 said, it takes a lot of practice to get it to where it is second nature and you don't have to think about it. But it is so worth it, as those types of licks will sound so much better.