Hi everybody, I am the owner of a Jackson Kelly KE5FR, as well as a few other Jacksons. Lately something started to bother me, and now i decided i wanted and answer about something that i find odd with my guitar. I couldn't find any way to register on Jacksons forums, so i will ask my question here instead.

As you probably know a Jackson Kelly has a 3-way pickup selector. The odd thing about my Kelly, is that it seems like i activate the neck pickup and the bridge pickup in the wrong direction. Usually the the neck pickup is the first one (the position that points towards the neck of the guitar) and the bridge position is in the position that points towards the bridge of the gutiar. That is the way it is on my Jackson Dinky and Jackson King V. However, on my Kelly, the position closest to the neck seems to activate the "treble" pickup (you know the agressive sounding one) and the one closest to the bridge seem to activate the neck pickup.

It has always been this way, but i usually didn't think much of it, but lately i started to wonder if something is wrong with my guitar, if the pickups are placed wrong or there is something wrong with the wiring (i don't know a lot about the specifics of this kind of stuff). I just want to make sure that i get the most out of my guitar, and it sounds as it is supposed to sound. So does any of you know what could be the reason, for what seems like reverse order when using the pickup selector?
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Loosen the pickup selector and turn it the other way.
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