Heavy ass sound. Drums are really well recorded and mixed. The intro, i felt should have been shorter or at least be blended in with the coming riffs. Vocals aren't my cup of tea (I tend to gravitate towards more eccentric singers such as Maynard and Paul from Cynic) but of course they are well done none the less. The guitar riff in the middle end part dragged on to me it sounded like it was gonna go into more. But then the synth after the solo brought it in nice. Very nice song and good job.

Thanks for the feedback on my track.
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Sounds good man, the clarity and mixing on the vocals is quite impressive. What mic were you using?
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Thanks for your recent review. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

Intro sounds amazing. This is not at all my style of music, but I'm digging it. The hollow guitars work very well. Drums sound good. Vocals are not my style, but they are spot on! Hope to have that kind of vocal power one day! The solo with delay works very well. Glad you're going for tension and atmosphere instead of complexity here, I think that works really well. The synth in the end took me by surprise, but sounds amazing. Is it a soft synth?

Anyway, I think you did really well here. Fantastic.
Love the intro, but it could have been much shorter and mixed in with the guitars. Would have had much more effect. The clarity on those vocals in awesome. Nice instrumental; the instruments compliment the vocal-work very nicely. Not too fond of your guitar tone though. It's too high in treble for my taste, but they are extremely well-played. This song reminds me a bit of Angra. Good stuff, man. Loving the power backing the vox. Nicely played solo. THe end synth caught me by surprise. That's a good addition. It adds a whole new layer of sound to the track. Liking the lyrics too. Other than the guitar tone, I really dig this. Great work!

C4C? Not Metal at all, but it would be appreciated.
At 3:40 (and similar) the song has kind of an odd stutter to it, otherwise, everything sounds very good/professional to me. Excellent singing. I like the drums & synths. I was surprised by the synth solo. The main guitar riff & vocals are my favorite parts. Nice song. Please review my music at this link: