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Nokia 520
6 60%
Sony Xperia E
1 10%
Sony Xperia U
3 30%
Voters: 10.
Hey guys,

My Sony Xperia miro broke on me and carphone warehouse has offered a choice of replacements. I can either get a Nokia 520, a Sony Xperia E or Sony Xperia U. Now I can't decide ( I don't know a lot about phones) so I am asking you guys this: What's the best phone out of those three?
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I have the Nokia. Good phone but app choices are limited. No Google Chrome
Unless the Sony has Android, I'd go with Nokia.
I wrote a pretty long post but I chose not to post it for reasons I can't remember. In summary:

Xperia U is better than Xperia E, but with only 8GB memory with no SD card slot. Nokia seems to be the best specs-wise out of all three, but I have no experience with Windows phones. As mentioned, anything not Android or iOS have very limited app choices, so you have to take that into account.
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I have the lumia 520 and I love it.
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Between those three, I'd go for Xperia U, without any doubt.

Nokia has Windows Phone. So, unless you have some odd reason to love Windows Phone, you should avoid it and stick with Android.

Between those two Xperias, the U is far better, but it's more expensive. If the difference in price between E and U isn't an issue, you should go for the U.
Okay thanks guys, I'll get the Xperia U due to the unfamiliarity of windows phones