Hello Friends,

I`m guitarist in hardrock band. We`re playing tryouts yet, but we aim in small gigs in pubs.

The second guitarist want to buy cheap amp for tryouts and small gigs. Price must be between 125-250 Euro. He has Cort guitar on hambuckers.

Pls advise me some 2 channel min. combo. May be used.
Check out the Jet City amps on Thomann. If they're above budget, save more money.
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Yep Jet City combo

You could get away with the Jet City JCA2112 combo but you will need a pedal like the Joyo/Harley Benton Vintage OD or Digitech Bad Monkey for a boost.

You can also look at a used Peavey Valveking 1x12
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Or a used Tube Vypyr would do you well.
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If you just play hard rock get a jet city combo.
If you like messing around with funny effects get on ebay/craigslist/whatever and find a used vypyr tube 60.
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Jet City Combo would be spot on I think.
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